Collection: Judaica - Shofars

A shofar (שופר) is an ancient musical instrument that has been used for thousands of years. The shofar was sounded to announce war, declare victory, and on the coronation of kings. 

We sell 3 types of shofars: Ram’s horn, Yemenite shofars made from a kudu horn and Gemsbok made from the horn of a species of antelope from Africa. 

Shofars (or shofarot in Hebrew) come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and lengths. You can purchase a polished shofar: fully polished with a high gloss, half-polished: a partially unpolished shofar, in order to display the natural look of the horn, or a Natural: a clean and sterilized but unpolished shofar. Some people prefer to purchase decorated ram’s horns, with silver plating, paint, or other adornments. That’s because outside of their use, shofars make excellent home decorations, especially on a shofar stand.