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Ram's Horn Shofar - (Kosher) 11" - 13"

Ram's Horn Shofar - (Kosher) 11" - 13"

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These kosher horns have an inherent natural beauty, from the rugged natural ones with interesting ridges and color striations to the sleek highly polished ones.  The ram's horn shofar has a unique and powerful sound.

Available in Natural, Half Polished, and Fully Polished finish! Taken from rams after the natural shedding occurs annually.


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Additional Information

Natural is unpolished and features a rough, unpolished body that is colored natural shades of brown, black, and white.  The natural finish means that during the processing, the original rugged texture of the horn is retained and cleaned.

Half Polished are shofars that are polished on one side and natural on the other. The contrast is stunning. Enjoy the gleam and then turn the shofar and admire beautiful hues and shades.

Fully Polished are shofars that have been taken down to a smooth, glossy shine of natural colors.

*Please note that colors and textures may vary due to the fact that this is a natural product.

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