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Ram Horn Shofar (Kosher) 19"-20"

Ram Horn Shofar (Kosher) 19"-20"

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In Biblical days the shofar was used in a variety of ways.  It was used at the coronation of a king or as a sound to rally to battle. Gideon used the sound of the Shofar to confound and scare the Midianites, who so outnumbered Gideon's three hundred men (Judges 6 & 7). Shofars were used by Joshua for bringing down the walls of Jericho (Joshua 6:2-5). The ram's horn shofar is a fabulous natural instrument, hand-crafted by God and hand-polished by Israeli artisans.

*Please note that colors and textures vary due to the fact that this is a natural product.  Shofars are all measured with a soft measuring tape from one tip, wrapping around the outer edge of the curves to the other tip.

Imported from Israel

*Does not qualify for flat rate shipping

Additional Information

Available in 

Natural- the natural finish means that during the processing, the original rugged texture of the horn is retained and cleaned.

Half Polished - the rugged natural texture has been removed but the beautiful ridges have been left. The contrast is stunning. 

Fully Polished - have been taken down to a smooth, glossy shine of natural colors.

Taken from rams after the natural shedding occurs annually.

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