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Holyland Marketplace

Holyland Marketplace has been serving customers and supporting the Jewish people since 2004. Faith-based, non-denominational, and non-profit, we are incorporated in the State of Florida and registered with the IRS as a 501 c3 non-profit charitable corporation.  The sole purpose of Holyland Marketplace is to demonstrate Christian and Messianic support and comfort for the Jewish people of Israel by helping them in the practical way of providing a market and sales channel for their products. 

Holyland Marketplace obtains quality products crafted, produced or distributed by talented and industrious Israelis; we purchase the products outright, ship them from Israel to our central Florida warehouse and then market and deliver them to the buying public from our Internet Retail Store. Our dedicated staff ensures that all orders are processed accurately, items are fully inspected for quality, and are shipped in a timely manner. The warehouse and shipping facilities in Florida are provided at no charge. The proceeds of this ministry do NOT fund any of our other 4 ministries. The “profit” made from sales is used to help our many Israeli vendors expand their businesses, put more people to work, produce new and different items for your enjoyment, and to support Jewish families in the Holyland.

To learn more about us:  HolyLand Marketplace - YouTube

Charitable Donations are greatly welcomed!

All donations go directly to add more Israeli vendors, buy more Israeli products, and to support their families in time of need.

Here is a link to a truly unique Bible Study Website that has a heart for Israel, a trust in Our Messiah, and a desire to teach the truth of God’s Word. We think you will enjoy it.

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