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Zemer Levav: As Long As I Breathe

Zemer Levav: As Long As I Breathe

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11 songs in English and Hebrew accompanied by a completely organic mix of guitars, harp, lyre, oud, hand drums, flute, violin, cello, bass, mandolin, bodhran, and more, played by guest musicians.

"Let everyone who has breath, praise the Lord!" - Psalm 150:6

LEMER LEVAV, Pronounced (Zem-Air-La-Väv), are the Hebrew words, Song of the Heart. Blending rhythmic praise and ethnic worship with ancient Biblical instruments, Zemer Levav introduces the listener to a new, fresh and vibrant sound on their debut album, AS LONG AS I BREATHE.

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From the Producers of ADONAI and ELOHIM, this Messianic Jewish family of seven (five sisters), worship the Lord with singing and dancing, with the harp and lyre, with flutes and hand drums, and with an array of unique instruments. 

1. Mayim Chaim (Living Water)
2. Yeshua is the Light
3. Lead Me
4. Your Name
5. As Long as I Breathe
6. Master of Life
7. Don't Let me Fall Away
8. On the Wings of the Wind
9. Door Keeper
10.Sabbath Song
11. May You Shine

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