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Yeshua Menorah, Names of God Mosaic Print by Amy Sheetreet

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Large print mosaic 

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Yeshua Menorah Mosaic Print by Amy Sheetreet

This amazing mosaic print features a menorah and written throughout the print in both Hebrew and English are the names of Yeshua.

  • God my Righteousness, God with us, Yeshua Salvation, Angel of the Covenant, Prince of Peace, My Redeemer, God my Healer, All Sufficient God, The Light of the World, The Word of God, Wonderful Counselor, God who is there, Everlasting Father, The Lord is my Shepherd, Mighty God, God who sees, Lamb of God, My Rock, the resurrection, Keeper of Israel, The Life, The Truth, The Way, God my Righteousness, God with us.

The beautiful essence of our God is seen in each of these names.  

Names are in Hebrew with English.

Amy Sheetreet gets her inspiration for her artwork from Scripture.  It is her desire to spread the living Word of God through her work and that it would bring hope and joy through the scriptures.

Measures 13 1/2" X 19"

Imported from Israel