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Wood Car Mezuzah with Prayer Scroll

Wood Car Mezuzah with Prayer Scroll

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SKU: MZ074

This wood mezuzah is beautifully crafted and is designed for placement inside your vehicle. It features intricate cut-out designs filled with stunning semiprecious gemstones. Inside, a non-kosher scroll holds the Traveler's prayer in Hebrew. It is handmade in Israel and constructed from wood and plexiglass, with "Tefilat HaDerech" (Journey Prayer) written in Hebrew at the top. The mezuzah has an adhesive sticker on the back for easy positioning in your car.

Additional Information

Wood Car Mezuzah with Traveler's Prayer Scroll

  • Car Mezuzah with semiprecious stones
  • Hand made in Israel
  • Non-kosher scroll inside with Traveler's Prayer in Hebrew
  • Size 5.7cm/2.25 inch
  • Made from wood
  • Can be stuck to any surface (the back of the mezuzah has an adhesive sticker).

Enclosed in the mezuzah case is the Traveler's Prayer:  "May it be your will, Lord our God and God of our ancestors, to guide us in peace, to sustain us in peace, to lead us to our desired destination in health and joy and peace, and to bring us home in peace.  Save us from every enemy and disaster on the way, and from all calamities that threaten the world."

Imported from Israel

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