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Without A Friend by Baruch Korman Ph.D.

Without A Friend by Baruch Korman Ph.D.

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Why The World is Turning Against Israel and the Jewish People.  

Without A Friend is an inductive study of many of the primary texts both Biblical and rabbinical which deal with a proper understanding of what will happen not just to Israel, but the entire world, in the end times.

Many of the current events, especially the rise of Islam, will be critically examined. Seldom does one who is trained as an orthodox rabbi deal with this subject and in doing so uses many of the key Scriptural passages from the New Covenant.

This book shows that the modern State of Israel is at the forefront of God's final plan.


Additional Information

Without A Friend

Author Baruch Korman holds a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies with an emphasis in Biblical languages.  He earned rabbinical ordination as an orthodox Rabbi in 1998. His Ph.D. dissertation was in Septuagint studies.

He and his family have lived in Israel since 2002 where he teaches at the Nakdimon, and Zera Avraham Institutes, as well as the Israel College of the Bible.  He is the featured speaker for the Hebrew website  

For English speakers, the website contains many of his articles and video lessons.  He lectures widely on the theological unity between the Hebrew Bible and New Covenant. 

Table of Contents

  1. Forward
  2. The Call for Change
  3. Israel:  The World Leader
  4. Anti-Semitism:  A Satanic Spirit
  5. The Growth of Islam...should one be concerned?
  6. The Beast in the Last Days
  7. The Antichrist
  8. The Rapture
  9. Great Tribulation
  10. Revelation Chapters 12-14
  11. Tribulation Part 2
  12. The Second Coming
  13. The Millennial Kingdom
  14. The New Jerusalem
  15. Israel and the Middle East

Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5''

197 pages

By: Baruch Korman, PhD

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