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Window to Your Garden (Small) Print by Gitit - Blonde Frame

Window to Your Garden (Small) Print by Gitit - Blonde Frame

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This is one of Gitit's newest prints.  It is a print of her acrylic painting "Window to Your Garden".  It depicts a stone arched window open to the view of beautiful, blooming trees and a garden of flowers.

It is double-matted with a lovely off-white and slightly darker off-white mat and displayed in a blonde frame.

This amazing matted and framed print by Israeli artist Gitit Ezagouri will catch everyone's attention as it adorns your wall.


Additional Information

Gitit Ezagouri was born and raised in Israel. She is a graphic designer engaged with art for many years, she combines her love for the word of GOD with watercolor/acrylic painting and believes in the power of God’s word to encourage and deeply touch people’s hearts. Her work is inspired by the scriptures, and is a combination of her imagination and her interpretation of the scriptures she creates a beautiful unified design. 

Frame:  9 1/2" X 11 1/2"

 Made in Tiberias, Israel.

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