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Window to Your Garden (Medium) Print by Gitit - Blonde Frame

Window to Your Garden (Medium) Print by Gitit - Blonde Frame

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This is a print of one of Gitit's acrylic paintings "Window to Your Garden".  It depicts an amazing stone arch window that opens to a view of a gorgeous blooming garden and trees.

The print is matted with a marbled tan and displayed in a blonde frame. 

This framed print is amazing and beautiful and is sure to complement any room.

Makes a wonderful gift!

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Additional Information

Window to Your Garden (Framed)- Print by Gitit Ezagouri

Gitit Ezagouri was born and raised in Israel. She is a graphic designer engaged with art for many years, she combines her love for the word of GOD with watercolor/acrylic painting and believes in the power of God’s word to encourage and deeply touch people’s hearts. Her work is inspired by the scriptures, is a combination of her imagination and her own interpretation of the scriptures she creates a beautiful unified design of the Verse in 2 languages: Hebrew and English, 

Frame: 12 1/2" X 15 1/2"

Made in Tiberias, Israel.

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