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Why Care About Israel

Why Care About Israel

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Navigate the subject close to God's heart - Israel and the Jewish people.

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Why Care About Israel by Sandra Teplinsky

God has a plan for you.  It starts with Israel.  From the moment God created the Jewish nation, His plan for her was immense-nothing short of blessing the nations of the world.  Yet, as this Messianic Jewish author explains, this calling has yet to be fulfilled. 

Why Care about Israel? is a book that will help you navigate the rivers of a subject close to God's heart ~ Israel and the Jewish People.  Genesis 12:3

Sandra Teplinsky guides you through the mystery of God's relationship with Israel and the implications for Gentile believers today.  Be part of this great unleashing of blessings in the twenty-first century as you share in God's passion for His ancient covenant people.


  1. The Blessing of Israel
  2. Father's Heart
  3. Israel's Identity
  4. The Salvation of Israel
  5. The Question of Election
  6. Unraveling the Arab/Palestinian-Israeli Conflict
  7. Living Sacrifices


287 pages 

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