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Who are you? Moses asks God

Who are you? Moses asks God

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Who are you?  Understanding God's Answer: Exodus 34:5-7

So often we ask God, "Why?"  But the better question is to ask, as Moses did, "Who are You?"  Knowing Him is the answer to whatever we seek.

God's brilliance broke through Israel's darkness in Egypt and continues to break through the storms of chaos, confusion, and pain.  His unchanging character provides the only secure refuge of hope and peace.

Explore the depths of the Hebrew words God uses to describe Himself to Moses in Exodus 34:5-7 and then cherish the jewels of Joan's life that illuminate those words.  You will come away with a deeper sense of awe and love for God.

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  1. Questioning God
  2. The Context
  3. Moses Asks God
  4. God Answers Moses
  5. So What?
  6. The Choice is Yours
  7. An Affectionate Shalom

Joan Lips was born into a secular Jewish home.  Her search to know God led her to faith in Jesus, who she calls "Yeshua".

Being a seminary graduate and a citizen of Israel equips her to share her insights of God's character using the original texts.

67 pages

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