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Satin Passover Cover with Colorful Embroidery

Satin Passover Cover with Colorful Embroidery

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SKU: HF357

This traditional matzah cover is a beautiful addition to any Passover table. The cover is made of white Satin, with silver tassels on its outer rim. In the center of the Gold and Green, embroidered accents are the Hebrew words מריר Maror (Bitter Herb), פסח -Pesach (Passover), and מַצָּה Matzah. Above that are 4 glasses and Below the embroidered Hebrew sits 3 Matzahs.

The item comes with a PVC cover to protect it during the rest of the year. This makes a lovely gift for the holiday.

Additional Information

Weight: 0.11 kg
Dimensions: 45 × 45 × 45 cm
Material: Satin
Size: Approximately 17.5 In.
Language: Hebrew
Color:  Silver, White, Green and Gold

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