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White Acrylic Tablecloth - Hand Woven by Gabrieli

White Acrylic Tablecloth - Hand Woven by Gabrieli

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SKU: HF125

This exquisite tablecloth is meticulously hand-woven with care and crafted to perfection. Made from premium white acrylic, this stunning piece features a sleek silver stripe, measuring 1/8-inch in width, elegantly adorning the fabric. The tablecloth is beautifully finished with a delicate 1 ½ inch long fringe that graces all four sides. Achieved through meticulous fabric fraying and expert stitching, the fringe offers a charming detail that enhances the overall aesthetic while ensuring durability.


Additional Information

Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shops are located in downtown Jerusalem and in Old Jaffa. Gabrieli creates garments, textiles, and tallits from hand-woven, hand-loomed fabrics in silk, wool, cotton, and synthetics. Gabrieli is not just the dream of a hard-working and visionary man, it is a full-scale home for some of the best and finest Judaica artworks worldwide. It is the leading manufacturer of tallit and Kuzari tapestries in Israel.

Made in Israel

Size: 65" x 99" (not including fringe)







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