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Love Israel

Welcome to Israel (Video) Teaching Series by Baruch Korman PhD (Flash Drive)

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This wonderful teaching set is a series of Bible teachings from different locations throughout Israel.  They will encourage you to discover the splendor of the Land and its people.  Join R. Baruch as he journeys and teaches throughout the land of Israel.

34 Video Teachings ~ MP4 Flash Drive Format

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"Welcome to Israel" Teaching Series by R Baruch Ph.D.

34 Video Teachings ~ MP4 Flash Drive Format

34 Video Teachings ~ MP4 Flash Drive Format

 1: Jerusalem (Intro), 2: Bethlehem, 3: Caiaphas, 4: Gethsemane, 5:Mount of Olives 

 6:  Ashdod, 7: Caesarea, 8: Jordan River, 9: Mount Karmel, 10: Valley of Elah, 11: Yaffo

 12:  Be'er Sheva, 13: En Gedi, 14: Herod Springs, 15: Jericho, 16: Red Sea

 17:  Bethesda, 18: Caesarea Philippi, 19: Kursi, 20: Meggido, 21: Ramah, 22: Tel Dan

 23:  Beit Tzaida, 24: City of David, 25: Gilgal, 26: Kfar Nachum, 27: Korazin, 28: Shiloh

 29:  Absalom's Pillar, 30: Beit She'an, 31: Gabtah, 32: Mount of Beatitudes, 33: Nazareth, 34: Jerusalem (Yeshua and the Resurrection)

Flash Drive:  MP4 Format

Baruch Korman holds a Ph.D. in Jewish Studies with an emphasis in Biblical languages. He earned rabbinical ordination as an orthodox Rabbi in 1998.   His Ph.D. dissertation was in Septuagint studies.

He and his family have lived in Israel since 2002 where he teaches at the Nakdimon, and Zera Avraham Institutes, as well as the Israel College of the Bible.  He is the featured speaker for the Hebrew website  

For English speakers, the website contains many of his articles and video lessons.  He lectures widely on the theological unity between the Hebrew Bible and New Covenant. strives to present the Word of G-d with an emphasis on the Jewish context of Scripture.

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