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Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament by Carta

Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament by Carta

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The Temple

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Understanding the Holy Temple of the Old Testament from Carta

This Understanding book offers a comprehensive overview of Israel’s sanctuary throughout its history up to the first century. Beginning with the events in Genesis that took place on Mount Moriah which established the site as a holy place. Then follow the dramatic story of the movable sanctuary of the Tabernacle and its long journey to Jerusalem, looking at its features and the associated ritual. There is a depiction of the Temple of Solomon, in addition, a significant amount of material, based on the evidence of ancient texts and recently discovered archaeological remains, is brought together to offer clues as to the precise location of this sacred building.

It relates the story of the Temple and the platform that surrounded it, through the Post-Exilic, Hellenistic and Hasmonean periods.  

About the Authors:  Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer met  during the Temple Mount excavations in Jerusalem where Leen served as site architect. Leen has been involved in all of Jerusalem’s major excavations, producing site plans and reconstruction drawings for all of them. He directed prestigious restoration projects such as the Byzantine Cardo and the Herodian Villas .  Kathleen, apart from the Temple Mount, has participated in excavations in Ireland, Scotland and Israel.  She combines her love of education and archaeology working with Leen in their firm Ritmeyer Archaeological Design (, producing materials on biblical archaeology.

48 pp.; 23×30 cm (9×12 in.); full color; maps,
illustrations and photographs; paper

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