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Understanding the Geography of the Bible by Carta

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The Samaritans are a small people that claims to descend from the ancient Israelites.

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Understanding the Geography of the Bible by Carta

Take your biblical learning to a new level with Understanding the Geography of the Bible By Carta Books, the leader in historical books on the Holy Land.

To fully understand the context of the bible requires an understanding of Israel's neighbors.  Topography, climate, and natural forces shaped the lives of the people of the Ancient Near East and affected their different cultures, economies, and modes of life. Their relationship and interaction account for the richness, depth, and majesty of the biblical narrative.

Documented with maps and illustrated, Understanding the Geography of the Bible, another in Carta's series of introductory atlases to the biblical world, provides a comprehensive view of the geographical background to life in biblical times.

Soft Cover, 40 pages, 9 x 12 in. (22 x 30 cm)


  • Maps
  • Illustrations
  • Full Color

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