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Under the Yoke of Ashur from Carta

Under the Yoke of Ashur from Carta

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A new enlightening introduction for all who seek to understand the impact of Assyria on the Israelite kingdoms during the late monarchic period.
The Assyrian Empire, in its thrust for economic aggrandizement, reached the Land of Israel, first on razzias, later staying as an occupier. The vigorous campaigns of Tiglath-pileser III in the mid-8th century BCE forced the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to bear the imperial yoke. But in short order, Israel’s recurring insubordination led to its dismantling and exile. Judah fared better and continued on as a subjugated vassal until the fall of Nineveh over a hundred years later. The maritime city-kingdoms of Philistia were not skipped over during the imperial expansion. This critical review of the major events of the era offers new insights into the development of Assyrian imperialism and its lasting impact on the southern Levant.
248pgs, illustrations; full color

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 Hard Cover, 16.5×24 cm (6½×9½ in.); xvi + 248 pp.;

illustrations; full color

About the Author:

Mordechai Cogan is professor emeritus of Biblical History at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He has written widely on the political and cultural connections between ancient Israel and the empires of the ancient Near East.

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