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Torah Scroll with a Blue Velvet Cover and Accessories (13")

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Torah Scroll. Deluxe, Accessories Included.

Height 13 inches / 33 cm

Additional Info

Decorated Medium Torah Scroll with Breastplate and Torah Pointer

Medium Torah Scroll with decorated wooden handles and an embroidered blue velvet cover. The wooden handles are decorated with a delicate painted design and silver caps on their upper tips. The velvet cover is embroidered with the Hebrew word "Crown" on top of a royal crown and the Hebrew word "Torah" underneath.

High quality print with clear Hebrew lettering.

Height - 13 inches / 33 cm

Accessories included:

A decorative metal breastplate - Two lions of Judah holding the Ten Commandments are embossed on the breastplate.

A decorated Torah Pointer - For pointing the Scriptures while reading.

A Torah Scroll contains the entire text of the first five books of the Bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy. It is rolled up around two decorated wooden rods called "Trees of Life" attached to either end of the scroll.

The Torah scrolls are miniatures of the original Torah scrolls used in synagogues. Unlike the original scrolls, they are printed on paper. The writing looks exactly the same as on the original hand written parchments.