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The Works of Josephus: Updated Edition, Complete and Unabridged

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Important historical source illuminating the entire biblical era!

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The Works of Josephus: Updated Edition, Complete and Unabridged

Josephus',  the first-century Jewish historian,  writings are indispensable to a proper understanding of Jewish thought, background, and history up to the time of Christ.  Here's what makes this one-volume edition of The Works of Josephus the best available: 

  • More readable
  • Easier to use
  • More complete

This renowned reference book has served scholars, pastors, students, and those interested in the background of the New Testament for years. The insight given into the Essene community, the destruction of Jerusalem, and the interpretations and traditions of the Old Testament in first-century Judaism are invaluable. The outlook of Josephus, a late first-century Pharisee, and historian, on Jesus and the New Testament documents, is enlightening and provocative. As an original reference, The Works of Josephus is essential to a full understanding of the first century, the time of Christ, and the New Testament.


Flavius Josephus (A.D. 37-c.100) is the author of what has become for Christianity perhaps the most significant extra-biblical writings of the first century.  His works are the principal source for the history of the Jews from the reign of Antiochus Epiphanies (B.C. 175-163) to the fall of Masada in A.D. 73, and therefore, are of incomparable value for determining the setting of late inter-testamental and New Testament times.

Josephus, born the son of a priest, was named Joseph ben Matthias (Joseph, son of Matthias).  Being of a priestly family and a descendant of the Hasmoneans, he was well educated and rose to a respected position in the Jewish community.  After a short association with the Essenes and a somewhat longer period as a disciple of an ascetic hermit named Banus, he decided at the age of nineteen to join the Pharisees.


  • Introduction
  • The Life of Flavius Josephus
  • The Antiquities of the Jews
  • Preface
  • The Wars of the Jews
  • Flavius Josephus Against Apion
  • An Extract Out of Josephus' Discourse to the Greeks Concerning Hades

Format: Hardcover
Number of Pages: 926
Hendrickson Publishers
Publication Date: 1987
Dimensions: 9.87" X 6.5" X 2.0"