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The Stones of the Priestly Breastplate

The Stones of the Priestly Breastplate

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Ever wonder about the Priestly Breastplate?  Identification of the Stones in Ancient times and today. Medicinal and other characteristic effects of the stones according to Sages and in the ancient science of medicine.  This small book is packed full of little-known facts.

The breastplate is one of the eight holy garments which God commanded to be prepared for the High Priest:  "For honor and for magnificence"(Exodus 28:2).

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The Stones of the Priestly Breastplate

"Aaron shall bear the names of the children of Israel on the breastplate of judgment upon his heart when he goes into the holy place for a continual memorial before the Lord." Exodus 28:29

Learn about each stone's special characteristics, unique qualities according to Sages, how the stone appeared on the breastplate, and even the stone's healing properties according to alternative medicine. 

Hebrew name of each stone: Odem, Pitda, Bareket, Nofach, Sappir, Yaholom, Leshem, Shvo, Achlama, Tershish, Shoham & Yashpe

14 pages packed full of little known information!

This booklet is written by Issachar, a gentleman who lives in Shiloh Israel.  Issachar named his company Tuvia, after his bother who died; Tuvia means "God is Good."  Issachar studies the scriptures and ancient writings to ensure accuracy.  He has a small shop and is committed to preparing people for the building of the 3rd temple.

Written & printed in Israel

Imported from Israel

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