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The Scriptures, Pocket Edition

The Scriptures, Pocket Edition

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This 100% cow hide leather literal translation of the Tanakh and the Messianic Scriptures is perfect to take on the go. It's small size and soft cover allow readers to carry the scriptures in their bags and purses. The passages of scripture are encased in a black cover with gold lettering. 

The Scriptures is a literal translation of the Tanakh (Old Testament) and the Messianic Scriptures. As you read, you will notice names, and all the books of the Tanakh are restored into the original Hebrew. For example, Jesus is restored to Yeshua, and the book of Genesis to Bereshith.

In this Bible, the books in the Tanakh are arranged according to the original order of the Hebrew Scriptures: the Torah, the Prophets, and the Writings.

Additional Information

  •  5.5 x 4.7 inches [140 x 120 x 28mm], 
  • Font Size: 6.25 pt
  • Cover and Binding: 100% Cow-hide Leather
  • Rounded corners; Head & tail bands.
  •  Color: Black
  • Words and names, as much as possible, have been corrected in order to eliminate any names of idolatrous origin
  • Complex phrases in the Scriptures are explained in footnotes and the explanatory word list.

  • The traditional rendering of the word "Law" has been restored with "Torah" throughout the translation, This retains the richness and complete meaning of this word in the Hebrew language

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