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The Jews and the Antichrist

The Jews and the Antichrist

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The book "The Jews and the antichrist" explains how the antichrist will initially try to persuade the Jewish people to follow him.  He will do many seemingly good things for the nation of Israel and the Jewish people in general.  But, when the antichrist enters into the Holy of Holies, proclaiming himself to be God, the Jewish people resoundingly reject him and it will be this rejection that will bring about the worst time of suffering ever for the Jewish people.  This time is called by Jeremiah "Jacob's Trouble".  This book will not only explore the antichrist and the Jewish people but also close examination will be given to the character and actions of the antichrist and how events happening in the world today are laying the foundation for the establishment of his empire.

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The Jews & the Antichrist by Baruch Korman


143 Pages

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