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The Hebrew Reader

The Hebrew Reader

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Learn the language used in biblical days with this fun and easy study tool! By the time you work your way through this book, you're Hebrew reading will be much more fluent and you will become familiar with hundreds of vocabulary words from Ancient and Modern Hebrew!

Additional Information

  • Each text is presented in a linear fashion with between 1-3 words per line. Each page has 3 columns. The Hebrew is always on the inner column with the translation and transliteration in the outer columns.
  • As you read through this book fold the page so you only see the Hebrew. (If you don’t want creases in your book you can cover them with a sheet of paper or a bookmark) Try to read each line without peeking. Then you can reveal the transliteration and check your pronunciation. Also take a look at the translation to get a sense of the meaning of the words you’ve just read.
This book includes famous Hebrew text for practicing your reading skills, including:
  • Texts from the Hebrew Bible
  • Common phrases in Modern Hebrew
  • Sections from the Prayer Book (Siddur)
  • Beloved poems and songs

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  • 156 Pages
  • 8.25x0.36x6
  • Published: Nov. 17, 2022
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