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The Galilean Kitchen

The Galilean Kitchen

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Cultural Flavors

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The Galilean Kitchen by Ruth Neiman

Come on a journey from the land to the plate and learn to replicate the rich, bold flavors of this untapped cuisine.  The Galilean Kitchen cookbook brings you the authentic flavors of Galilean cuisine through the eyes and palates of the region's local women.

Encompassing a diversity of influences from Christian, Muslim, Druze & Bedouin women, The Galilean Kitchen is a cookbook which is different as it combines this region’s bountiful ingredients, traditional recipes passed down through the generations, and stories of these local cooks, whose eclectic tastes are brought to life through their cooking. 

Easy to follow recipes that are packed full of spice and traditional ingredients, is now shared with you.

*Alternative ingredients and tips are also included with each recipe, allowing every reader to replicate the spice and flavors of Galilean cuisine.

208 pages, paperback
About the Author:    Inspired by living in Israel as a young woman and working with the food of the lush north, Ruth Nieman embarked on a foodies journey and with it the start of a catering business. A graduate of Leiths School of Food and Wine, she combined my knowledge of fresh, exciting ingredients with understanding the unique flavors of the Middle East and produced delicious dishes. Next came Israel Good Food Guide, an attractive website showcasing the diversity and eclectic tastes of Israeli food through restaurant reviews and innovative recipes from the rural north and vibrant cities. She then qualified as a food writer with distinction from the College of Media and Publishing, which gave her immense enjoyment of food writing a boost and brought The Galilean Kitchen to life.


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