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The Crimson Cord To the Heart of the King

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This is a small booklet that explains God's plan of salvation as revealed in the Old Testament. It covers many prophecies from the Old Testament and shows that at the heart of God's Word is "The Crimson Cord to the Heart of the King," which is the promise of the Messiah. This book is an excellent tool to clearly explain the plan of salvation from a Jewish perspective.

God's plan of salvation as revealed in the Old Testament.

Additional Info

The Crimson Cord To the Heart of the King by Pieter van den Beukel & Victor Kalishner

This booklet has been translated from the original Hebrew language.

Table of contents:

  • A word to the reader
  • The heart of the King
  • The Crimson Cord to the Heart of the King
  • Selected passages from the book of Isaiah

Excerpt from "A Word to the Reader"

"The Bible is the Word of God written in the language of people, inspired by God, and in a form that people can understand.  By means of the Scriptures not only does God make it possible for us to know him and the center of His will, but we can also find our way back to Him."

7.5" X 5.25"

71 Pages

Imported from Israel