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The Coming King By R Baruch Ph.D.

The Coming King By R Baruch Ph.D.

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So much of today's prophetic conversation is framed by the excerpts in scripture that revolve around persecution, Beasts and Dragons, "Seals", "Trumpets", and, of course, the Anti-Christ. With so much focus on the expected horrors of the future, the fulfillment G-d's plan for redemption and the return of Messiah Yeshua become little more than an afterthought. But the hope that was spoken of through the years was not completed with the events leading up to Messiah's return, but in the Kingdom that would be established upon the return of Yeshua.

In "The Coming King", Baruch Korman examines the whole of scripture to shed light on this growing controversy within G-d's people today, as well as paint a picture of this future Thousand-Year Kingdom and the character of the very King who all of history has been waiting for.

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The Coming King by Baruch Korman PhD


  1. The Kingdom Players
  2. The Torah and the Kingdom
  3. The Torah and the Millennial Kingdom According to Ezekiel
  4. The Feast of Tabernacles and the Kingdom
  5. The Prophet Isaiah and the Kingdom
  6. The Prophet Isaiah and the Kingdom Continued...
  7. The Millennial Kingdom
  8. The Millennial Kingdom and the Book of Psalms
  9. Epilogue:  Entrance into the Kingdom


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