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The Book of Esther

The Book of Esther

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The story of Esther.

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The Book of Esther, for such a time as this.....

This delightful version of The Book of Esther includes:
  • full text from the Complete Jewish Bible on the left page of the two-page spread.
  • On the right -artful illustrations with brief story summaries that can be read aloud to young children.
This amazing book can be read any time during the year, but especially during Purim, the festival that celebrates how Queen Esther risked her life and became a vessel for the deliverance of her people Israel.
Though God is not mentioned, Mordecai and Esther humbled themselves before God by fasting and praying, which showed dependence upon him. God answered and delivered his people while bringing the proud Haman to justice.
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