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The Apple of God's Eye

The Apple of God's Eye

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God's eternal plan for Israel and the Jewish people.  

In this book, Peter L. Madsen explains what the Bible says about Israel as the Apple of God's Eye.  It deals with one of the most important issues confronting the church today:  God's eternal plan for Israel and the Jewish people.  The book brings insight which is vital for a proper understanding of the events in the Middle East in these Last Days.

It also clearly emerges through this book what attitude Christians should have towards Israel.  We learn that we should not get involved in anti-Semitism and thereby damage that which is the apple of God's eye.  He who fights against Israel fights against God Himself.

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The Apple of God's Eye by P.L. Madsen

The book gives us the insight that our Christian belief comes from the same roots as these of the Jewish people:  from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the fathers of our faith.  Salvation through faith in Jesus Christ has come to all the Gentiles through the Jews.  The Apple of God's Eye declares a prophetic warning that both national and individual repentance must occur wherever wrong attitudes or actions concerning Israel exist.

A Christian cannot avoid Israel but quickly discovers that Israel is no ordinary nation and that its people are no ordinary people.  Whether one is a missionary, priest, or a teacher of Christianity, one becomes drawn closer to her.  When one begins to concern oneself with Israel, one touches something, which has to do with God Himself and faced with a challenge of faith to which he or she cannot remain indifferent.  

This book explains what the Bible says about Israel as the Apple of God's Eye.

Table of contents:

  1. The Apple of God's Eye
  2. The land
  3. The frontiers shown to God's servants in the Old Testament
  4. God's plan and the name "Israel"
  5. The days of mercy and the holy day
  6. The cause of the Middle East War
  7. The promise about Isaac
  8. A warning to the nations and leaders
  9. What is Semitism and anti-Semitism?
  10. What is Zionism and Christian Zionism?
  11. The woman and the boy-child
  12. The Dragons head=Israel's enemies
  13. The reason for God's wrath
  14. Israel's other enemies
  15. God chooses the humble
  16. God's love does not change
  17. To whom does Jerusalem belong?
  18. God's plan for salvation
  19. Our attitudes

128 pages

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