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Ten Commandments - Jerusalem Stone

Ten Commandments - Jerusalem Stone

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Be inspired daily with this freestanding 10 Commandments sculpture from Israel. Masterfully crafted from Jerusalem Stone this sculpture depicts the two tablets of the 10 Commandments and is inscribed with the opening words of each of the Commandments in Hebrew.

אנוכי הי - I am the Lord
לא יהיה - You will not have....
לא תשא - You will not carry...
זכור את - Remember the....
כבד את - Honor your father...
לא תרצח - You shall not kill
לא תנאף - Do not commit adultery
לא תגנב - You will not steal
לא תענה - Do not testify false testimony
לא תחמד - Do not fancy your friend's wife

This sculpture will make a meaningful gift for a birthday, graduation, housewarming, anniversary, retirement, holiday, or any other special occasion!

Made in Israel

Additional Information

Please note: Jerusalem stone is a natural material, so the colors in your item may differ slightly from those shown in the picture above. Like all natural rocks, this stone has natural veins running through it.

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