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Ted Pearce: Battle for Zion

Ted Pearce: Battle for Zion

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11 worship songs performed by Ted Pearce is a blending of Hebrew and English. 

Battle for Zion is about worship and warfare. Psalm 2 reads, "Why do the nations rage against the Lord and against His Anointed... It's about the spiritual battle we all face personally and corporately as believers fight against the world, the Flesh and the Devil. But it's also about standing for the Holy One of Israel, battling against the rising tide of Anti-Semitism and interceding for the Jewish people, and the salvation of Israel which is the key to world revival! (Rom 11:15, Rom 11:25-27, Isaiah 49:6...)

Be ready to fight the good fight with Battle for Zion! 

Additional Information

Since 2002, the music of international Messianic worship leader Ted Pearce has encouraged the Church everywhere to understanding the Jewish roots of their faith. 

He has also encouraged the church to believe and follow Yeshua (Jesus), to pray for Israel and to see the prophetic Word of God be fulfilled by Jewish and Gentile believers coming together as One New Man in the Messiah! (Eph. 2:15). 

1. Am Echad (One People)
2. Battle for Zion
3. Yishtabach
4. Yavo (King of Glory)
5. Behold the Lamb of God
6. Hinei Lo Yanum
7. The Great Shofar
8. Darech Kochav
9. The Marriage
10. Sha'alu Shalom (Pray for the Peace)
11. Festival of Lights

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