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Tahini Chocolate Spread

Tahini Chocolate Spread

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Sample one of the amazing flavors of Israel with this Tahini Chocolate spread.  Tahini is essential in every Israeli kitchen.  Mellow sesame halvah is one of Israel’s most popular delights.

The main ingredients are tahini and date syrup, but to make it even more of a treat chocolate and hazelnut have been added.

It has a lip-smacking nut and chocolate delight and is a rich source of calcium and plant-based protein.



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Sesame 70%, Chocolate-Hazelnut paste 25%, Date Syrup. Contains sesame, Hazelnuts, Soy. **May contain gluten, nuts and peanuts. *Jar may be round or square Net weight 190g / 6.7oz Yoffi is blue and white Israeli-produced, by an Israeli family boutique factory that specializes in high-quality natural health food products. Hand made in the Holy Land.
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