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Tahini Carob Spread

Tahini Carob Spread

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Carob is thought to be an important and nutritious fruit found in Eretz Yisrael – and has been since the giving of the Old Testament.

Tahini carob is produced from the fruit of the carob tree and has the taste of rich chocolate. It has a texture that is soft and delicate and it comes in a designer package that will make an impressive and delicious gift.

Carob spread is most popular as a delicious and healthy alternative to the sugar-rich spreads and it is easily spread on bread, toast or matzoth and is recommended for breakfast, on sandwiches or baked goods, and is especially well-loved by children.

Made in Israel/Kosher

Additional Information

The natural ingredients, including carobs, date syrup and tahini each take a part in creating its superb flavor while contributing to the nutritious value and healthy qualities.


Tahini, Silan, Carob Powder. Contains Sesame Yoffi is blue and white Israeli-produced, by an Israeli family boutique factory that specializes in high-quality natural health food products. Net weight 190g / 6.7oz **bottle may be square of round Hand made in the Holy Land.
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