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Tactical Fire Kit

Tactical Fire Kit

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SKU: 992-01TFK01

InstaFire Pocket Plasma Lighter – Double-arc plasma flame resists wind, rain, and snow. Built-in 100-lumen flashlight shines two hours on one charge.

InstaFire Ferro Rod – The last resort that never fails, even when sopping wet. Run the blade across the rod; emits a huge shower of 5,000° sparks.

InstaFire Fire-Starter Granule Pouches (x2) – Wind/water/snow-proof. Quickly produces a 1000° flame that boils water and cooks a meal, even without firewood.

InstaFire Fire Ropes (x2) – The camper’s best friend. So small it stows anywhere, including a pant pocket. Resists harsh wilderness abuse and keeps lighting. Paracord included.

All this in a sturdy, carry-anywhere case that fits easily into a hiking pack—inside or out.

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Additional Information

  • multiple slip pockets...
  • 12 elastic loops for organizing gear...
  • Plus MOLLE straps that attach firmly to a backpack.
  • So much space there's room to spare for small tools, gear—whatever needs carrying!
  • Weight: 530 grams (1.17lbs.)
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