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Super Stacking Dreidel

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An entirely new type of Dreidel! Stack the discs into the launcher and then press the release button for the super spinning action to begin!

The full tower of stacked "Dreidels" will spin in tandem.

Additional Info


  • 1. Insert Dreidel Launcher handle into largest Dreidel Disc and turn clockwise 2-3 times to lock and wind. Do not overwind.
  • 2. Release button to spin Dreidel Disc.
  • 3. Repeat step 1 with each of the other 4 Dreidel Discs in size order, releasing and stacking one on top of the other.
  • 4. The challenge is to get all 5 Dreidel Discs spinning at once!


  • 1 Dreidel Launcher
  • 5 Dreidel Discs

3.00" l x 3.00" w x 4.50" h