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Sterling Roman Glass Star of David Necklace by Michal Kirat

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This is a sterling silver Star of David necklace made by Israeli artist Michal Kirat. The necklace is embellished with sterling silver and demortierite beads. The center of the star contains Roman glass.

Additional Info

Sterling Roman Glass Star of David Necklace by Michal Kirat

Chain 18"
Star 3/4"

Jewelry handmade on a Galilee Kibbutz.

The centerpiece of Michal Kirat`s jewelry is colorful and unique shards of glass which date back to the period of the Great Roman Empire in the 1st century BCE. The glass is unearthed in Israeli archeological sites and has been termed, Roman Glass. All settings are made from 925 Sterling Silver

She uses only authentic shards of Roman glass. Not every piece can be made into jewelry, so she carefully cleans and sorts them correctly. Each shard that passes her quality control is then carefully cut to the shape of the desired design on the jewelry piece. This makes craft of creating Roman glass jewelry a unique one. Every piece becomes a "one of the kind ".

Please note the color of glass may vary.

Roman Glass does not like water.
Please do not get your Roman Glass wet.