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Square Matzah Plate

Square Matzah Plate

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Square Matzah plate with a geometric design. Nickel-plated Matzah dish with the word מַצָּה "Matzah" in Hebrew.

12" Square - Nickel-plated 

Additional Information

Geometric Matzah Plate

Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches / 31 x 31 cm

Imported from Israel

For the entire seven days of Passover something called "matzah" is eaten. Matzah is called the "bread of affliction." Because the Hebrews had to leave with Moses in great haste, there was no time to allow the bread to rise. For the entire holiday, no food is consumed that contains any leavening whatsoever. Homes are meticulously cleaned (the original spring house cleaning!) to remove every last crumb or vestige of leaven.

At the Seder three matzah are placed in a special decorative holder called a "Matzah Tosh," made from silk or other fabric which is placed on the Matzah plate.

Enjoyment of all the items surrounding the Passover meal such as the Seder plate, cup of Elijah, and Matzah holder are a constant reminder of the powerful events in the days of Moses.

The New Testament relates the Last Supper that Jesus shared with his disciples to be the Passover Seder. It is at this opportunity that Jesus shares the "New Covenant" using the Matzah and the wine to represent his body and his blood.

Having a community Seder at the time of Passover may help congregations come closer to the teachings of Jesus by following the manner by which He lived His life.

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