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Silver & Gold Embellished Yemenite Shofar - Grafted-In

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Amazing Embellished Shofar.

Three sterling silver sleeves adorn this beautiful, polished Yemenite Shofar.  The first sleeve is positioned near the mouthpiece and displays a bunch of grapes coming from a vine with hints of gold-plated accents.  The second silver band is located near the middle of the shofar and has a small silver sleeve with a gold-plated menorah design.  The last larger silver band is near the end of the shofar and has the grafted-in symbol on it with gold-plated highlights.

This embellished shofar measures 44.25" along the outer twist.

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Imported from Israel


Additional Info

This embellished shofar is 44.25" along the outer twist.

The original Kudu Horn Shofar from Israel has been used for many years for spiritual purposes. This unique musical instrument uses the power of wind and it emits a mysterious, uplifting, and reassuring sound that touches the soul and makes you feel connected to God.

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Imported from Israel

*Please note: due to the natural nature of shofars, your shofar may vary from picture