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Shema Spiral Mezuzah Necklace

Shema Spiral Mezuzah Necklace

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This mezuzah necklace features a spiral of silver around a glass vial center with the "Shema" prayer inside. Taken from Deuteronomy, "Hear, O Israel: the Lord is our God, the Lord is One" is written in Hebrew lettering and adorns the outside of the spiral of the necklace. The silver and stylishly wrapped transparent cylindrical center holds a complete copy of the Shema prayer, printed in Hebrew on a proper paper scroll and kept safe inside. With the outer casing being high-quality 925 sterling silver, this is the perfect item for those looking to affirm their Hebrew heritage and carry scripture wherever they go.

Additional Information

Shema Spiral Mezuzah Necklace

  • Pendant:  1 3/8" (including bale)
  • 18" Sterling Silver Chain
  • Made from 925 sterling silver and glass.
  • Made in Israel

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