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Shabbat Wine Bottle Cover - Jerusalem

Shabbat Wine Bottle Cover - Jerusalem

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Discover the perfect blend of style and beauty with our enchanting Jerusalem wine bottle cover. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, it exudes elegance and captures the essence of this timeless city.

On the front, you'll find the Hebrew words "Shabbat a Good (special) Day" intricately embroidered in shimmering silver, expressing the significance of this sacred occasion. Below these words, a stunning depiction of the Jerusalem skyline is delicately rendered in silver embroidery, showcasing the splendor of the city. Elevate the ambiance of your Shabbat table with this stylish bottle cover that seamlessly combines tradition and sophistication.

Additional Information

Length/Height: 10.24inch / 26cm
Width: 7.48inch / 19cm
Material: Satin
Color: Silver , White , Other
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