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Serguei Popov: When We Are Together

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10 Instrumental Violin songs featuring Serguei Popov

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This "When We Are Together" CD is performed by Serguei Popov & and instrumental group "Patmos". 
If you love the sound of a well played violin you will love the melodies that come from Serguei Popov.   It is a fine selection of beautiful melodies.

  1.  Sing Halleluya 

  2.  Prayer in Gethsemany

  3.  Childhood memories

  4.  You Are My Hiding Place

  5.  The heavenly home

  6.  God Blesses All Nations

  7.  Golgatha

  8.  My Parent's House 

  9.  Lake of Genesareth

  10. When We Are Together