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Roman Glass Pomegranate Necklace (B)

Roman Glass Pomegranate Necklace (B)

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Beautiful pieces of ancient Roman Glass.

Additional Information

Roman Glass Pomegranate Necklace

This beautiful roman glass pomegranate necklace is made of a round piece of ancient authentic roman glass.  The pendant is a 925 silver pomegranate-shaped setting.  The chain is adorned with six pearls with gold beads in between.

You can't go wrong with this amazing necklace!

Length:  17 inches + 2 inch extension

Pendant:  1 Inch; Diameter: 5/8"

Made in Israel

Roman glass consists of colorful and unique solid pieces of glass which date back to the period of the Great Roman Empire in the 1st century BCE. The glass is unearthed in Israeli archeological sites and has been termed Roman Glass. Every piece of Roman glass is a "one of a kind ".



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