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Roman Glass Heart Pendant

Roman Glass Heart Pendant

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This sterling silver heart pendant is a symbol of love and history. Crafted with an intricate open-cut design, this elegant heart pendant features a captivating round piece of Roman glass that dates back to the period of the Great Roman Empire in the 1st century BCE at its center. Ready to be paired with the chain of your choice, this unique piece seamlessly blends timeless romance with ancient allure. Wear a piece of history close to your heart with this sterling silver pendant, where every glance reveals the enchanting beauty of Roman glass.

Made in Israel


Additional Information

  • Roman Glass & Sterling Silver
  • Size: 7/8 x7/8 in
  •  Every piece is a "one of a kind "
  • Made in Israel

*Please note: that the color of glass may vary.

*Roman Glass does not like water. Please do not get your Roman Glass wet.

What is Roman Glass? Roman glass was discovered in Jerusalem / Israel - (The holy land) in excavation around the remains of the Roman-Byzantine empire.  2000 years of natural oxidation gives each piece of glass a unique coloration.

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