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Ram Shofar Hanukkiah

Ram Shofar Hanukkiah

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An unforgettable, one of a kind Hanukkah menorah which features two crossing ram shofars as the body.  Wonderfully crafted and designed, this one of a kind Hanukkah menorah will not soon be forgotten. 

This is a must-have in any collection! The item is made even more unique by the Jerusalem decorations that adorn the shofar centerpieces.

The menorah is made from silver-plated polyresin with gold-colored accents.

*Use with glass oil cups only

Additional Information

The Hanukkiah is a candelabrum used specifically for Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights. According to the history of the holiday, the Great Temple was destroyed by the Greeks during the Greco-Judean war. When the Jews returned to their ruined Temple, they saw that the Greeks had contaminated the oil jars. They could not find enough pure oil to light the Menorah. When almost all hope was lost, they came across one jar of pure oil that was expected to burn out after a single day was over. It was a Miracle of Light when the small quantity of oil found was sufficient for 8 days, just enough time for the fresh oil supply to reach the Temple.

To commemorate this miracle, every year during Hanukkah, a special menorah with eight branches and one holder (shamash) in the middle is lit for eight consecutive days. This menorah is called a Hanukkiah. On the first night a single candle is lit by ninth candle, which is called the Shamash. The Shamash, traditionally placed in the center of the Hanukkiah, is used to light the other eight candles. Each night, an additional candle is added until all of the candles are lit on the 8th night. The Chanukiah is only used during Hanukkah.

Length/Height: 7.09inch / 18cm
Width: 11.81inch / 30cm
Depth: 2.76inch / 7cm
Material: Polyresin
Color: Silver

Imported from Israel

***IMPORTANT***This is a polyresin product - use with glass oil cups only.


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