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Quest for the Lost Tribes

Quest for the Lost Tribes

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Join Emmy-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici on a globe-spanning search for the lost tribes of Israel.

The mystery of the lost tribes of Israel reverberates through three millennia of human experience. Of the twelve tribes mentioned in the Bible, only those of Judah and Benjamin survived the Assyrian capture of Israel.

The fate of the other ten tribes has puzzled and provoked scholars and theologians ever since.

QUEST FOR THE LOST TRIBES documents Emmy®-award-winning filmmaker Simcha Jacobovici's ambitious quest to solve the mystery of the lost tribes. Investigating nearly every story, no matter how seemingly far-fetched, the journey leads to Afghanistan, China, India, Tunisia, and the Middle East. What is found may well help shed some light on this enduring enigma.

Join us for the chronicle of an adventure that leads to some of the world's most exotic and extraordinary places, exploring the heart and soul of a mystery that echoes throughout human history.

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100 min.

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