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Pure Honey

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Pure Honey from Israel. Wildflower honey is considered one of the finest types of honey globally. 

Yoffi provides you with pure honey, made of wildflower dew from various areas in Israel – an exhilarating and unique gift in its flavor and beauty, symbolizing the land of milk and honey.

Due to the wide variety of flowers and trees, the honey’s magnificent color and taste change. The honey possesses an extraordinary sweetness and aroma and of course – it is 100% natural!

In addition to being an important culinary component in every kitchen, upgrading pastries, cheese, ice creams, yogurts, casseroles, or used as a tasty and healthy spread on a piece of bread, toast, or matzah.

Kosher - 100% Natural

Additional Info

Pure Honey from Israel

Net weight 250g. | 8 oz

*Note:  Jar may be round or square

Imported from Israel