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Prayer Shawl Clip - Ten Commandments & Blue Stone

Prayer Shawl Clip - Ten Commandments & Blue Stone

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SKU: PS089

This pair of nickel prayer shawl clips is a great gift for anyone with a prayer shawl. On each one is engraved the Ten Commandments and bordered with an etched decorative design and accented at the top with a blue crystal. Whether used for keeping your prayer shawl in place or as an accessory, these are sure to delight.

The Ten Commandments tablet, also known as "Luchot Habrit" (the tablets of the covenant) in Hebrew, is a universal symbol of faith and is a popular decoration.

Additional Information

  • Length/Height: 1.18inch / 3cm
  • Width: 1.18inch / 3cm
  • Depth: 0.79inch / 2cm
  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Nickel finish

Imported from Israel

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