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Prayer Shawl (50 ") Set - Wool - Black & Blue Hand Woven By Gabrieli

Prayer Shawl (50 ") Set - Wool - Black & Blue Hand Woven By Gabrieli

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This beautiful hand-woven wool prayer shawl set (tallit set) is from Gabrieli in Jerusalem where they use only the highest-quality pure wool. This set includes a prayer shawl, also known as a tallit, a Kippah, and a matching bag. The black is actually alternating white and black threads which creates a very unique look.

This beautiful set is the perfect gift for a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, or any occasion!


Additional Information

Prayer Shawl Set - Wool - black with Blue Threaded - By Gabrieli

 Size: 76" x 50" not including the fringe and tassels

Imported from Israel

About Gabrieli Prayer Shawls:

Gabrieli Tallit and Judaica art shops are located in downtown Jerusalem and in Old Jaffa. Gabrieli creates hand-woven, hand-loomed tallit sets in silk, wool, and cotton. Gabrieli is not just the dream of a hard-working and visionary man, it is a full-scale home for some of the best and finest Judaica artworks worldwide. Gabrieli is a leading manufacturer of tallit and Kuzari tapestries in Israel.

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