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Prayer Shawl (36") Pure Wool Blue - Gold or Silver

Prayer Shawl (36") Pure Wool Blue - Gold or Silver

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If you are looking for a traditional Prayer Shawl then you have come to the right place. An indispensable component, the prayer shawl plays a significant role in worship.

Woven from 100% pure sheep’s wool, this beautiful garment is everything you would look for in a prayer shawl. With gorgeous blue stripes and your choice of either silver or gold stripes, this has the classic prayer stitched onto the collar.  This prayer shawl is a perfect choice. Wrapping yourself in this prayer shawl from Israel makes prayer and personal daily devotions even more meaningful.

100% Pure Wool 
36" x 72"

Imported from Israel

Additional Information

Prayer Shawl (34") Pure Wool Blue/Gold

Traditionally designed 100% pure wool tallit.

Size:  Approx 34W x 72L inches

Imported from Israel

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