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Prayer Shawl (22") Purple/Gold With Bag

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The prayer shawl is white with striped accents in purple and metallic gold. The collar features the Grafted-In symbol and in Hebrew: Blessed are you O Lord, King of the Universe, who has fulfilled all of the law through Jesus the Messiah and has covered us with his Righteousness.

Each of the four corners is accented with a different Scripture verse in English - taken from Matthew 14:36, Isaiah 53:5, 2 Corinthians 5:21, and Malachi 4:2. It is fashioned of acrylic and is exquisite in design and workmanship, with tassel trim and fringes. Includes matching zippered bag with embroidered Grafted-In.

22" x 72" 

Additional Info

Purple/Gold Prayer Shawl With Bag

The origin of the prayer shawl lies in Numbers 15 calling for the attachment of fringes to the four-cornered garments, worn during Biblical times, as a reminder of the 613 commandments of the Lord.

Today, a growing number of Believers consider the use of a prayer shawl as most important.

Wrapping oneself with the prayer shawl is meant to assist in focusing on prayer. It is symbolic of wrapping oneself with God's Love as one prays.

Prayer Shawl is approximate:  72" long x 22" wide
Bag:  11" x 10.25"

Imported from Israel.